Ticketing Platform

Where is my ordered package please? My request for proposal remained unanswered! The computer you supplied does not power up! In the Waldgasse, corner of Feldweg a mobile phone mast was approached.

Whether they are customers or their own employees, the problems between people and technology in the information society are as common as they are varied. On the other side are the employees in the support or field staff who have to devote themselves to the problems. Informance's ONE Ticket is designed to keep companies from churning between phone, PostIt Mail or even SocialMedia.

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ONE Ticket

Reliable, inclusive and cost-efficient.

Hardly a ticketing system is still introduced on the green field. We regard the networking of your new ticketing system with other IT systems in your company as a basic requirement

If possible, new tickets should be assigned to a customer from the outset, which is why integration with the CRM system is required.

  • Service billing
    In the end, one has to pay as well: no matter if it's a classic trouble ticket or an order - an integration with the payroll system is definitely beneficial and creates transparency.


If the support staff is out of the office or maybe the support is outsourced to a service provider, a cloud-based solution might be the better option for you.

ONE Ticket was conceived from the outset as a hybrid system and is also available to you with the same scope of services as a cloud solution. If you want to get started quickly without complex integration or expensive hardware purchases, ONE Ticket is your solution.


Ticket? Assignment!

The focus on problems sometimes obscures the essentials. Each ticket should be perceived as an order and not every order must necessarily be based on a problem. ONE Ticket is used by Informance customers for a variety of scenarios. Inform your account manager from Informance about the successful business cases around ONE Ticket.

"One used to help, today a ticket is created."

A frequently heard phrase that is certainly not completely untrue in its core. However, the problems employees face in support today have become much more complex.


Predictive Ticketing

Anyone who has ever dealt with the subject of ticketing knows the key figure: What is the average turnaround time of a ticket in our company. ONE Ticket contains the core functions for building a predictive ticketing system based on the previous recordings, enabling well-founded forecasts.

Inform your Account Manager Accountant about the possibilities of predictive ticketing.


ONE Ticket

A professional solution

Unlike many free solutions from the open source environment ONE Ticket was not designed around the problems with a special IT systems around but based on real requirements in real customer projects. As a result, the focus is on the really relevant aspects.


Ticketing: Mission Critical

No matter if technically - every stoppage of a productive unit costs money. Optimized ticketing, which ensures short throughput times until processing, saves enormous amounts in the long term.

Customer satisfaction

Companies that meet the concerns of their customers with a modern ticketing system have measurably better customer satisfaction.


The connection to the business reporting of the Informance ONE Portal Server enables easy readability.


It is worth it!

Your internal and external customers will thank you. A modern ticketing system tailored precisely to the needs of your company pays off.