Software Migration

Prospect of improvement


Software migration projects are among the most demanding tasks in the professional IT environment. When it comes to integrating established solutions into company IT or upsizing systems that have suddenly become critical: Informance offers you competent support,but above all the security of a long-established supplier in your area.

We design a tailor-made migration concept for you and, if you wish, combine this with a cost and risk assessment.


MS Access

Software based on MS Access often fulfills important tasks in the company. This is precisely why migration of such applications towards a web-based solution opens up great potential.

  • Easier distribution
  • Reliable system performance under heavy load or many users
  • Lowering the license costs
  • Easier extension and maintenance

Informance has already successfully replaced a number of "mature" MS Access programs, creating measurable value for the customer. Depending on the customer's wishes, the desktop database was replaced by established commercial database systems or powerful open source software. The basis was the Informance ONE Portal Server, which already has many of the components on which a new solution can be based.


MS Visual Basic 6 und Visual Basic for Applications

The ease with which VB6 and earlier versions enabled the implementation of technical requirements in software has long been unequaled. However, both the Visual Basic language itself and the underlying technology, the Component Object Model (COM), have not been developed by Microsoft for about 15 years.

Since the technical requirements that were the starting point of the development often still exist, essentially two options remain.

  • Migration to VB.NET
    VB6 and VB.NET do not have much more in common than the name. A migration equals a new development, although then C # is also available as a language.
  • Replaced by a web application
    In the long term usually the cheapest solution from the point of view of the software TCO.
Informance bietet Ihnen kompetente Unterstützung

Which of the two scenarios you decide on - Informance offers you competent support and a concrete roadmap based on reference projects.

If the original developers are still working in the company, we develop the new solution in consultation with them. For the other case, which is much more common, we work out a specification based on the available material, in which, of course, we also include all the new requirements that were previously difficult to implement.

Even though it is generally not recommended, even if you choose to continue using the application and resolve only urgent issues, we can help you. There are still a number of legacy systems for customers who are best served by Informance as much as possible.


Migration von Datenbanken

Migration of databases

The database is the heart of every software. Whether web portal, accounting or individual software - the database is the basis of everything that is important information in the company.

The market for databases is constantly in motion. Previously expensive products are now almost unworkable, so far free solutions now have their price and yesterday's alternatives are the cost drivers of tomorrow. Informance has successfully completed several migration projects, achieving either a significant improvement in performance for each client or a drastic reduction in licensing costs.



We support you especially in the following scenarios:

  • Upsizing
    Upgrade of desktop databases such as MS Access towards a full-fledged, network-enabled multiuser database.
  • Migration to Open Source
    Migrate from expensive, licensed products to open source solutions like PostgreSQL, MySQL or Firebird.
  • Architecture Upgrades
    To unleash the full potential of database transformation, we optimize drivers, queries, stored procedures, and transform "grown-up" applications into high-performance, clean solutions.
Migration tools

In order to safely and cost-effectively implement database migrations, Informance not only has experienced experts but also a range of advanced tools. The high level of automation that can be achieved with this not only considerably reduces the risk, but also gives you the opportunity to clean up the respective data in the course of the migration..

  • Clearing / clearing of the original data stock
  • Production of previously missing key relationships
  • Finding "map corpses"
  • Migration of SQL queries or adaptation of the application
  • Migration of Stored Procedures