ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

Informance's enterprise resource planning platform is designed to meet today's needs for integrated, in-process enterprise IT.


Key Benefits of the Informance ERP Platform

Overcome system boundaries - involve all employees

All employees in the company have access to a central, binding source of information so that they can quickly communicate findings and draw the right conclusions in real time. Take action.


Automate processes

Achieve sustainable growth with a state of the art ERP system. By systematically mapping the production-relevant processes of your company with the Informance ERP platform and thus increasing the operational efficiency you create an IT environment and avoid mistakes.

Decide - but sound!

The Informance ERP platform simplifies or enables cross-domain flow information in real time. Well-founded, data-driven decisions are thus increased to normality and operational performance.


The Informance ERP Platform - Your entry


You are wondering if you need an ERP system?

If your company is an EPU or an SME with fewer than 5 employees, you probably will not. In all other cases, you can expect significant benefits from introducing an ERP system that fits your needs.


Are you considering whether to introduce an ERP system in your company?

Actually, you guessed it: The question of the relevance of an ERP software, even in small companies, is superfluous. The question is not if, but which solution you prefer. Sure - many companies rely on the combination of simple office software like word processing and spreadsheets with a desktop database. However, the process image is at the end incomplete and expensive. An integrated system based on the Informance ERP platform pays for itself quickly and raises unimaginable productivity reserves.

Vorteile - ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

You already have an ERP system and are considering switching to a modern solution?

In conversations with customers using ERP software from third-party manufacturers, there is often an awed silence when it comes to connecting a customer portal or an analytics solution. No wonder: The design of such systems often has 30 years and more. Good if they still work. Great, if you have found a reliable partner for their replacement.