Enterprise Web Portals

Customers expect more. Simple homepages are no longer enough to meet the demands of customers.


Enterprise Web Portale

Your web portal - Starting point for customer-related processes

The patient who waits patiently in line, perhaps even draws a ticket as in offices or mobile phone shops is now more or less the exception. BTW: The same applies to the endless queues on telephone hotlines. Even if they are deposited with interesting elevator music ...

Whatever the customer's concern, your web portal should be the first address to which it addresses its concerns.


Web portals as a process management platform

Informance web portals are designed to integrate processes around the customer and their needs.

Web Portal vs. Homepage

Web Portal Homepage
Modern Trendy
relatively few changes, reflects the lasting trends frequent changes, on the pulse of the time
Information, knowledge transfer
Texts optimized primarily for human readers
Support and sales platform
Advertising, sales
Texts primarily optimized for search engines
Processes and customer interaction  
Starting point for all customer-triggered processes Contact forms, data are usually transmitted by e-mail
Process Management Platform Content Management
Informance ONE Form Services individually programmed web forms
Web Designer, Account Manager, Online Marketeers Webdesigner, Webmaster
Informance ONE Portal Server handmade PHP, Pearl and JavaScript

With the customer, not just for him

Both in B2C and in B2B


Enterprise Web Portals - Intended by the customer

Web portals as SOA