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Global Player Platform

A good start for your company


Global Player Platform

Informance software is designed to best represent your business processes. Our customized solutions based on the flexible and proven Global Player platform are affordable, easy to integrate and increase the efficiency of your company.

Never again starting from scratch, this idea was the beginning of the development of our GlobalPlayer platform, an integrated enterprise architecture for software. Our goal was to create a common ground, both for our standard products and for all future customized solutions from Informance. Some years and many successfully implemented projects later, we can say Mission accomplished.

The GlobalPlayer platform covers all core aspects of modern software development.

  • Short development cycles
  • Use of many proven components
  • Flexible substructure for the actual enterprise application
  • Internal and external communication based on industry standards
  • Revision-proof logging of all processes and events
  • High degree of automation of the Tests

Benefits for our customer

  • Short development cycles
    It is your individual solution. Nevertheless, we never start from zero but always rely on a variety of mature and flexible components.
  • Cost efficiency
    Because a new software has to pay off for you as a customer.
  • High quality - from the beginning
    All our core components start with high test coverage. Recognized techniques such as unit or regression tests are a matter of course for us.
  • Easy integration
    The strict orientation of the platform to established standards facilitates the integration into your existing IT landscape.
  • Future-proof
    The GlobalPlayer platform has a future. A large number of actively maintained customer installations as well as a stable team of core developers at Informance guarantee the active development and thus the future-proofing of your solution.

GlobalPlayer Plattform

Software von Informance ist daraufhin ausgelegt Ihre Geschäftsprozesse optimal abzubilden. Unsere maßgeschneiderten Lösungen auf Basis der flexiblen und vielfach erprobten GlobalPlayer Plattform sind leistbar, leicht integrierbar und steigern die Effizienz Ihres Unternehmens.

Nie mehr bei Null beginnen, diese Idee stand am Beginn der Entwicklung unserer GlobalPlayer Plattform, einer integrierten Enterprise Architektur für Software. Unser Ziel war es, eine gemeinsame Grundlage zu schaffen, sowohl für unsere Standardprodukte als auch für alle künftigen Individuallösungen von Informance. Einige Jahre und viele erfolgreich umgesetzte Projekte später können wir sagen: Mission erfüllt.



Unlike evolved solutions, the Global Player platform was not simply programmed but designed as an architecture. Based on many years of work in software development, a system has been developed which has proved its practicality since the first version in a large number of customer projects and which will keep up with the times thanks to ongoing, coordinated further development.


Die GlobalPlayer Plattform deckt alle Kernaspekte moderner Software Entwicklung ab.

  • Kurze Entwicklungszyklen
  • Einsatz vieler erprobten Komponenten
  • Flexibler Unterbau für die eigentliche Unternehmensanwendung
  • Interne und externe Kommunikation basierend auf Industriestandards
  • Revisionssichere Protokollierung aller Vorgänge und Ereignisse
  • Hohe Automatisierbarkeit der Tests

Kurze Entwicklungszyklen

Es ist Ihre individuelle Lösung. Dennoch beginnen wir nie bei Null sondern setzen immer auf eine Vielzahl ausgereifter und flexibler Komponenten auf.

Hohe Qualität - von Anfang an

Alle unsere Kernbestandteile starten mit hoher Testabdeckung. Anerkannte Techniken wie Unit- bzw. Regressionstests sind für uns selbstverständlich.


Denn eine neue Software muss sich für Sie als Kunde auch rechnen.

Einfache Integration

Die strikte Ausrichtung der Plattform an etablierten Standards erleichtert die Integration in Ihre vorhandene IT Landschaft.


Die GlobalPlayer Plattform hat Zukunft. Eine Vielzahl an aktiv gewarteten Kundeninstallationen sowie ein stabiles Team von Kernentwicklern bei Informance garantieren die aktive Weiterentwicklung und damit die Zukunftssicherheit Ihrer Lösung.

The beginning: An idea

But not brand new ;-)

When the idea for a Unified Application Architecture was born at Informance at the beginning of the "Nineties", the software industry was similar to automotive engineering some 120 years ago: each product was custom-made. No - or at most traces of - standardization, process orientation or systematic use of components.

Today, car manufacturers produce entire model series, possibly even cross-brand, based on standardized components that are given configuration by certain characteristics and get only at the very end an individual body. Initial projects in the automotive sector provided the inspiration for Global Player, an integrated platform for a new generation of software solutions.

Plans were forged and discarded, the apprenticeship money, which was usually associated with real innovations, was paid. With the Informance ONE Portal Server, the first concrete application based on Global Player was quickly found.

Today, more than a decade later, the GlobalPlayer platform is a proven and mature system. Web portal for Inter- and Intranet, process management and workflow systems as well as EAI solutions from Informance are now based exclusively on Global Player and prove themselves daily in practice.